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Alles Tire has tires  for all your needs!

In the Tire Business for over 35 years, our expert staff knows which are the best tires for your auto & your driving needs.

Come in to either location of Alles Tire Auto Service for your tire assessment & the best service!

Don't see what you want here? We stock other tire brands also.


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Tips about your Tires:

  1. Fill your tires with air only to the amount of pressure listed on the tire or in your manual, for safety & proper wear on your tires.  You'll get better gas mileage too!
  2. Too much pressure will cause a stiffer ride, which could result in premature wear in the middle of the tire or tire failure.
  3. Too little pressure will cause noise, less stability and premature tire wear on the outsides of the tires. 

Periodic maintenance should include:

  1. Check tire pressure monthly
  2. Rotate and balance your tires every 8000 miles

Tire Installation & Service

Tires Replaced

Rotate & Balance*

Tire Repairs*

* done FREE with purchase of 4 tires at Alles Tire Auto Service!

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